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“This time will be different,” you tell yourself.

You’ve been fighting your body since you were a teenager, but no matter what you do, you still don’t like what you see in the mirror.

Sure, dieting doesn’t work for most people, but you convince yourself it will work for you.

So, once again, you commit to a restrictive diet, pushing yourself harder than ever to meet your newest fitness and nutrition goals.

At first, things go well.

And the weight finally starts to come off.

Your clothes begin to feel a little bit looser. The compliments from friends and family are coming in. You think, “This is it. This is going to be my forever diet, my forever body.”

So, you keep pushing to maintain.

But soon, everything starts to unravel.

Work has been stressful, and your mind shifts quickly to food (because that’s what dieting brains do).

You ignore the pint of ice cream in the freezer relentlessly beckoning you.

“This urge will pass,” you tell yourself. But you’re too distracted by the craving, so you reach for it.

You’ve been ‘so good’ for so long. “I deserve this,” you think. “I’ll get back on track tomorrow.”

But “I’ll get back on track tomorrow” quickly turns into “EFF THIS. I’m going to eat whatever I want.”

And you’re right back where you started.

After a month of giving in to your nightly cravings, you notice your clothes fitting tighter again.

Guilt and shame are mounting now, taking a toll on your mental health. You’re scared that your body will grow bigger and bigger forever.

You no longer trust your choices around food, and you feel like a failure. Again.

This is where I come in.

We live in a world that assigns moral value to our food choices, eating behaviors, and body type.

It promises health, happiness, love, and acceptance but instead reinforces a cycle of self-blame, shame, and preoccupation with food and your body. It’s so exhausting.

But food doesn’t have to be this hard. Freedom from body dissatisfaction is possible. It takes courage and determination to live a life without dieting and deprivation, but I can help you get there.

Hi, I’m Meredith.

I’m a nutrition therapist, and I’ve made it my mission to help you live a more authentic life, free from body obsessions and weight cycling. Our work together will lay the foundation for you to transform your relationship with food.

Imagine a world without dieting. A world where you feel good about yourself – and your health and self-worth are not defined by your weight, shape, or size.

Together, we use your innate wisdom as our guide to help you overcome unhelpful eating patterns that reinforce body dissatisfaction.

Start eating the foods you love again without all the guilt. Get curious about the power food has over you.

Discover the art of body acceptance as we work with your body, not against it.

Meredith Blumenthal, MS, RDN, CD

I offer individual nutrition counseling for:

Chronic Dieting & Disordered


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Trust your body’s wisdom.

If you are ready to reconnect with – and trust – your
body’s wisdom, put me in, Coach!

Book your free consult now to discover how good you can feel about yourself when you ditch dieting.

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